One day Rayan got an invitation to visit one house. The house belongs to a girl nicknamed Heaven. He accepted the invitation and came to the house. There is the point where the game starts. After meeting Heaven and other residents of the house strage things start to happen. Mysterious sounds spanning the house, bloody tracks, alive decorations on the walls. With all this, Rayan has to deal with it. Heaven makes him a guide in all time in the game.

During the game in five different episodes Rayan gets acquainted with every resident of the house. During this time he has to face all kinds of pitfalls and avoid death. Rayan's main goal is to get out of that house. However, the front door remains locked for most of the time.

The game consists of the prologue, five episodes, eight endings of the story and four secret parts.

All Endings:

END no.1 - Friends Forever

END no.2 - Serum of Immortality

END no.3 - Tea Party

END no.4 - Speak With Me!

END no.5 - Soul in the Glass

END no.6 - Stay With Us...

END no.7 - Awakening from Nightmares

END no.8 - You'll Never Be Alone